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i never know what to write about in my journal so I am going to write about things that really really bug me......................

1...people who do not put shopping carts back where they go because they are lazy....nothing bugs me more then pulling into a spot but having to stop and back out because some lazy person could not walk 2 feet to push the cart back to its proper place

2...rude people who work in the hospitality business. I was a bartender for years and my $ was based on tips, a good way to make tips is to smile, be nice and remember your manners. You work in the hospitality field to make tips so slamming down plates, being rude, and making me feel like I am inconveniencing you by coming to your place of employment for dinner or drinks does not improve your tip, or give you one...and I am a very good tipper!!!

3...rude children, this is not necessarily the childs fault. This could be the parent or guardian that has not taught the child to be polite or not yell MINE! You can teach a child at a young age their manners, to be considerate, and to use common sense

4...rude adults, this is the adults fault. you are old enough to say excuse me, pardon me, I am sorry, no, its my fault, here let me open the door for you instead of slamming into my face...ect..ect..

5...smokers....its a bad habit and that I can deal with we all have bad habits but do not blow smoke into my or anyone elses face, do not take a puff right before you speak to someone and if you do have the common courtesy to blow it away from the person you are talking to.

6...People, kids or adults who stare and make fun of other people for looking different. We are all guilty of this and everyone does it but just try and think about how it would make you feel if you were the one being made fun of.

7...People who try to pick fights and tell me wrestling is fake.. Believe what you want but until you are in the ring killing you body and traveling across the country, busting your ass off to entertain the fans, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

8...Promoters who book you, you work the show and then they tell you the house was not that big so they cannot pay you, well you know what I did my job, it is not my fault you did not advertise, so pay me my $.

9...Promoters that use really really bad pictures of me to adveritise me on their upcoming show...every promoter is guilty of this


With all the things that bug me the one thing that I absolutely love is the fact that TNA IMPACT is debuting on Spike TV and knowing that all those people who doubted us will still find something to bitch about........well screw all you non tna believers cause TNA is debuting October 1st and there is nothing no can do to stop us.....
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