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Well its official TNA debuted on Spike TV......i cant wait to hear what the couch potato marks bitch about now...LOL!!!!!!!! I am back home in Canada on a bit of a holiday...i had a chance to get back to where I trained and get in the ring for a few days.....its so funny because people(fans)do not realize I can wrestle and have been wrestling all across the States and Canada for the past 5 years....i guess I am going to take this chance to clear up some stuff people are confused about

1. TNA Traci is Tracy Brooks on the indys
2. i started training in 2000 in Toronto, ON and had my first match in Jan. 2001
3. I started training at Sullys Gym for the first year or so and then Squared Circle Training opened and I contuned my training with them under head instuctor Rob Fuego...

3. i trained with Gail Kim and we traveled together for at least a year or more
4. i had a handful of try outs with the WWE but then joined TNA in May 2003 where I have been ever since
5. I have NO kids
6. Never been married
7. yes my breast are fake and I have only had them done once.

If there is anything else people would like to know please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them for you.....

remember to watch TNA every Sat. night on Spike TV and catch the replay mondays....

Hugs and Kisses

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