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Chris Candido god rest his soul

I have been waiting to make my 1st entry and I feel that this is the right time...Chris Candido passed away? I keep thinking to myself this is a really bad dream and i will wake up and go to CSWF on Sat. and see him in his big clunky cast and big smile, I am 100% he would have got in the ring and bumped..who else but Chris gets out of surgery and not 24hrs later he is in the ring with a screw job finish? That man was always a professional and always a guy who made you smile..He was so good for TNA's lockerroom, he was an amazing asset to the roaster in and out of the ring. He was truly one of the best wrestlers to ever step foot in the squared circle and I am so thankful for being able to get to work and learn from him. Everyone these days are so scared of acting like the cowardly, goofy heel, everyone wants to be the tough cool heel, not Chris..Who else wrestles for 5 mins with his ass hanging out or lets me superplex him for the win in a match...I was managing Frankie Kazarian at CSWF and he was working Chris, right before we went out Chris tells me that the finish is that Frankie distracts the ref and I go up and Superplex Chris and he goes into Frankie's wave of the future...What other male would let a 137lb girl superplex them..that will go down as the highlight of my career..thank you Chris....I got the honor of working alot with Chris this past few months and he would always take the time to watch my match and talk to me after about them..I know everyone in the wrestling world has been touched by Chris and today we have lost a great member of the wrestling community and a big loss to our wrestling family...Chris you will be missed but your memory will go on forever, thank you for the laughs, the stories, and your talent...I just wanted to take a moment to also tell Tammy how much she is loved and that she is in my thoughts and prayers, Tammy is the reason why any of us girls are where we are today in this business, Tammy you are the ultimate diva and no one will ever replace you...

God Bless you Chris Candido and thank you for becoming a wrestler and entertaining us all these years
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