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rest in peace Stevie Lee

it seems that i am saying goodbye to people in my life way to often,...Stevie Lee was one of the first workers I met outside of Canada. We met the first time in Detroit, MI. and from then on we were buddies....we kept running into each other through the States and did a week tour in Nova Scotia...its funny how you always expect to see someone on the road...the last time i spoke to Stevie Lee was through a text, I just figured I would call him in a week or so but then you wake up one morning to hear that he is not with us anymore, taken away from his family, wife, and from the business he loved........i keep thinking why didn't I pick up the phone to call instead of text, why was I so busy that i couldn't pick up the phone to call my friend? it seems like we just said goodbye to chris candido and now Sweet Stevie Lee, another member of our wrestling family..Stevie you will be missed and I will always cherish the memories i have of you.....thank you for being a friend..God Bless....

this is definitely a lesson for me, always make time for your friends and your family...even if you are having a bad day and don't want to talk to anyone, pick up the phone when someone calls and take the time to be a is to short so make the best of it and live life to the fullest....
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